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Post Annual Review – Some Thoughts and Goals…

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Friday 30th June 2006 – post Year 1 review:

Well ,after some trepidation about the process of this annual review – that is not being overly sure what to expect – I feel that it was a worthwhile exercise. Of course I knew it would be though one never knows how these things go until it’s all been and done.
Certainly I have walked away with some sense of where I should be heading, though I am still unsure as to how this needs to fit into what I am actually doing. I think though that it’s all actually just me – too much thinking things through (typical Type A personality!)
Despite my seeming inability to get beyond my ‘block’, I feel positive that I am indeed on the right path.

So, resolutions post this meeting are in the order of the following:

  • Keep shooting the way I am (which is on the books anyway, with the following planned: Indigenous boxers; Sudanese in Suburbia; my rural family; and maintaining the projects that I already have).
  • Keep up with the mixed use of colour and B&W as well as digital and medium format.
  • Consistently take notes even if they seem incongruous at the time of thinking them…
  • Start to think (and write) about the way I practice, edit, shoot (my influences) etc…. What am I trying to convey? (This was a good point to take away from the review, as I’d previously never given it any thought – it has always been an automatic ‘gut’ process).
  • Just start writing the mini-essays!!!
  • Think some more about the themes I am working with. What are my intentions, and discuss what is actually emerging as a result of shooting? I think that this will be key to the way in which I progress the thesis, both in terms of the writing and studio practice. Hopefully via this process, whatever I end up actually doing (at least for the sub-thesis) will become more coherent and possibly singular?

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July 2, 2006 at 11:09 pm

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  1. super. Zoe (queen of blogs) is happy to give you some tips…


    July 4, 2006 at 11:17 am

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