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Managed to visit the dreaded dentist this morning (no thanks to a broken tooth, not because I felt like it!) which effectively landed me on my couch feeling sorry for myself and watching a few documentaries about a) the 2003 Sydney Biennale and b) Alfred Stieglitz.
I had no idea that Stieglitz was married to Georgia O’Keefe (a gorgeous, amazing woman!)! What a bizarre match! Nevertheless, despite PBS’ pedestrian story-telling it was interesting and laced with some beautiful images. Which got me to thinking about some of my early influences in photography – namely Julia Margaret-Cameron and Cecil Beaton and the poetic nature of some of the former’s work in particular. In trying to identify a style to my own work (looking at what I am producing now as opposed to 15 years ago) it is interesting and I think a useful excercise to chart progress or change – if any – and the reasons why I am currently working as I am.
To date my post-graduate study has seen little in the way of self-analysis, at least in terms of an art context – which indeed is a language I am still trying to grasp. Coming from Social Sciences I can justify the value of my work and what it may contribute towards a cultural history and why even I choose the subjects/themes that I do, however I feel in a sense ‘blocked’ by the barriers of the seemingly gigantic and imposing theatre of the art world. Surely psychological…
I guess one of the great things about art is that nothing is impossible and there are no hard and fast rules – at least not to my knowledge – so there is always room for new interpretations of old subject matter.
Anyway, hungry kids call… will try to define what it is I’m doing exactly, next post. Still trying to figure this one out actually. May even post some photographs…

Oh, and I’ll definitely go along to this year’s Sydney Biennale which is currently showing all over Sydney. The theme this year is “Zones of Contact”.

Written by Lee Grant

July 5, 2006 at 4:53 pm

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