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It’s been a little quiet on this front thanks to school holidays and the annual bout of flu. Typical, go on holidays and spend it coughing up a lung!
Anyway, managed to spend a good amount of time photographing whilst away and developing some new as well as some old ideas. Also have been pouring over mags and books soaking up other people’s work (good to keep up with who’s doing what!).
Thanks to an ABC doco, I also found out about Gregory Crewdson an amazing American photographer. I knew of his images but not much about the way he works. It was insightful and a lesson for me to see that contrary to Cartier-Bresson’s ‘decisive moment’, Crewdson is about meticulous planning, stage management and manipulation. Wow! A new language for me to think about….
His themes are largely about the vernacular of suburbia and along with Larry Sultan I’ve been excited to see this sort of colour work.
Colour is still fairly new to me – being a B/W person – however Martyn has encouraged me to use more colour and really, it’s a whole new world and language. I’m loving it.

Here is a recent photo from a new body of work about couples:

Mona and Brian

I’ve decided to do this series mainly in response to the depressing subject matter of my sub-thesis (which whilst fascinating can be draining) which is ‘The spectacle of suffering’. Since it is a work-in-progress, it may well change however I am at least beginning with this.
I love this photo and I thoroughly enjoyed photographing this couple. I may go back to do more; I found lighting a bit tricky with the portable flashes – a little harsh, though I did want that effect of ‘warts and all’. This photograph however was taken using only available light which meant sitting very still for some quite long exposures. They were fabulous!

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July 23, 2006 at 10:03 pm

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  1. I love this pic of Brian and Mona. It’s gorgeous and almost brings me to tears! Their love for each other is so subtle and yet so obvious… Plus don’t you just love the furnishings!!!?

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