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I had lunch with a journo friend the other day and we started talking about reading and books which became an interesting point of discussion given that we are both photographers. I said that my new year’s resolution earlier this year was to read more fiction, for several reasons. One, is that I enjoy it immensely; two, is that I sincerely believe that fiction can paint more telling tales of the realities of our lives and the world around us in a far more accessible and less threatening way – well at least in the books that I read. Sometimes non-fiction (though often colourfully embellished to entice the fiction readers) can be too textbook in its orientation. Let’s face it – unless it reads like a good story, it’s generally rather bland, and more print journalisty in its style, which brings brings me to my point…. and that is that although I consider myself a photographer of the documentary genre, I am becoming more interested in pushing the boundaries of what is considered to be ‘real-life’ and subverting the idea of ‘as it happened’ scenarios. I like the notion that subjects in images can be seen instead as characters playing out the stories – real or imagined – of their lives. So I’m thinking to myself that this will make a great photo series (potentially), and so I’m writing these little picture stories in my mind. I can already see them, I just need to start capturing them, in essence, on film and getting the people that I’ve been photographing to see how fun ‘dress-ups ‘ can really be!
I canna wait!

Oh, and joy to me I have officially sold some of my work to the NLA and my website should hopefully be up and running soon…..

In the meantime here are some ‘diptychs’ from a newer series called Midsummer Still Lives:








Untitled I


Untitled II



Written by Lee Grant

October 24, 2006 at 10:29 pm

Posted in Life is Fiction

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