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Weekend Frenzy

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Hot day today for shooting but worth it. Photographed Molly (my nearly 3 year old niece) and Michaela and her sister Katia. Will reshoot Michaela by the lake in the next week or so.

Shot digital and MF (using neg and slide). Look forward to seeing results. Am particularly happy with these pics:



Photographing Molly was amazing as I’d picked out a cute dress from her wardrobe without realising that it was a dress that my sister (Molly’s mother) used to wear when she was a child. Location was by a fence on a reserve in Ainslie where sunflowers had managed to push their way through a fence. The lighting was a little difficult (I never seem to manage to pick ideal times but you work with what you have right?), but the clouds helped when they passed over the sun. Shooting on the Blad was great and for some strange reason, looking in to the waist level finder and composing Molly was like stepping back in time and seeing myself at 3. Surreal in a way but also exciting. I figured that even if the images didn’t work out for my body of work at least we have something sentimental with Molly in her Mother’s dress. Funny how an image can take one back…… Yep, photography and memory!

Later dropped into the hardware store to pick up a few things and met an amazing chap called Chris. He’s an amputee and we ended up chatting about how he lost his arm. Bit of a flirt really but charming. I’ll definitely be asking to photograph him – I’m really hoping he says yes as he seemed to be my type of photogenic person (well that I like to photograph at least). Successful pics could also contribute to my ‘Australian Men’ series. So here’s hoping. I’ll contact him in the next fortnight.

Written by Lee Grant

March 4, 2007 at 9:40 pm

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