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Today, being a Saturday, has naturally been pretty relaxed (hooray for weekends!). This morning I shot some images of Velouria, my good friends Tori’s daughter, at the park. Velouria (named after the Pixies song) is not quite 10. I’ve photographed her before and looking over some of these older images this afternnon whilst editing, I realised that I actually have a substantial body of work of a number of people taken over a period of years. From my days in college to today, I have managed to continue to photograph my friends as well as their children. I think there’s something worth following through here so will endeavour to flesh this out some more. I quite like the idea of a time trajectory in portraits of the same people. Something that certainly has been explored before but I think my contribution may well be worth putting forward. So more on this in the near future.

Here is the final image of Velouria that I like the most:



Glued as I have been this afternoon to my computer I have also been working on submissions to The Churchie Emerging Artist Award as well as the Head On  Alternative Portrait Prize. Closing dates for both are this coming Friday and I realise after much discussion with friends and fellow artists at the School of Art, that participation and application to residencies, awards and other prizes etc… are essential in order to raise one’s profile. So this will be in my frame of view – so to speak – over the next few years! I recently also entered into the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, which unfortunately I didn’t make. It is an extremely competitive environment to subject oneself to but I figure ‘you gotta be in it to win it’! It was also the first ever competition that I’ve entered, so as good a place to start as any!

After a tutorial with Martyn Jolly yesterday (my supervisor at uni), I have decided to continue shooting in both digital and MF film with a plan to experiment on the Linhoff 4×5′ camera for my portrait series. I’ll be workshopping an outdoor flash set-up as well as the Linhoff itself at the end of next week with Peter Fitzgerald and good ol’ Jason (Photomedia’s technical officer who knows everything). This should certainly contribute to me getting my head around a set-up that works in the way that I envisage!!

Tomorrow I’ll be re-photographing Tamerah’s girls, this time outdoors by the Lake.  Should be good……..

Written by Lee Grant

March 10, 2007 at 6:05 pm

Posted in Picture Ponderings

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