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Sunday Frolic by the Lake

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Have arrived home from a morning by the lake with a bunch of kids. Always fun, unpredictable and chaotic! My sister Kim came along with her mob as did Tamerah with her girls who I’d arranged to photograph, this time in an outdoors setting.

The park itself was pretty busy with a few birthday parties and a gaggle of those horrid yappy terrier type dogs, all over-excited and jumping around the place. Urgh (I’m not for small yappy dogs in case you were wondering, though I do love dogs, just not the ones today!). The weather was perfect and the lighting just lovely. I ended up photographing Kim’s kids as well, both with the digital and the MF (Medium Format). I’m working at perfecting the fill-flash and for the MF I ended up hand-holding the Metz, so we’ll see wether or not the results end up how I envisaged them!

I also approached a mother (who was there for a party as her 3 boys were playing with our mob in the playground). She was actually about to leave when I asked her if she’d mind if I took some pictures of her kids. She was really great about it I have to say, though I know that it helps that I’m a woman and also a mother myself. It can often be an awkward thing to ask a stranger, but my philosophy is that all they can do is say no, and for the most part very few have. So I have ended up with a few more photographs that I have, at least for now, put into my WIP folder, and Linda (the boys’ mother) will end up with a few more momentos of her boys frolicking by the lake on a sunny Sunday……..





Liam and Robbie

Interestingly I am noting that the digital results really are rather different to those on film and present quite a different sensibility (see pics from posts below to see what I mean). Certainly the immediacy of digital helps as does the confirmation that the lighting (by fill-flash in this case) is working, but Martyn agrees that the MF with film does lend a more formal and composed feel. With kids at least, the digital is fabulous because it is quick and manages to overcome the fidgeting and boredom that children inevitably experience posing for images!! Can’t say I blame them really!

Looking at the images I’ve started to group together I’m also realising that I will have to start photographing more adults as well. Seems that most of my images have been of kids. I aim to rectify this over the next few weeks by photographing several people that I work and study with. Should be great!

Written by Lee Grant

March 11, 2007 at 12:49 pm

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