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Photo-Heavies and Photographing Time

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It’s been a busy weekend but overall I think a fruitful one. Submitted a tryptich from the ‘Little Ned’ series to the CCP Kodak Salon where all submissions get shown so this is rather positive. Finally got paid for the ANU Art School job (managed to promptly allocate the lot! Bills…. what can I say??); put together a job application; had a friend over for lunch and visited another in Bungendore with kids in tow. Destination was the Bungendore – or should I say the Bates – Motel. It was awesome, old and dingy and completely run down. Terrifically atmospheric…. Like stepping back in time… These photos really don’t do it justice. We’ll just have to wait for Frank’s series on the Motel!!




I really didn’t photograph much though (strangely I wasn’t much in the mood – not like me!) but did go to meet some South American cement contractors living at the motel. A bit of a recon I suppose. Not too sure though if the opportunity to photograph them will materialise as their contracts apparently are finishing in the next week or so. We shall see…..

Had a good reading group session too with Martyn and some of the other postgrads on Friday. I think these are really worthwhile (well at least I like them) since we are exposed to new material and can hash through some of the issues, themes and other ideas running through photo-theory. And all over a good cuppa!

Next on the list is something from Martyn by Rosalind Krauss…. I believe she’s a bit of an art world/critic/academic heavy!

And speaking of photo-heavyweights, here is a short presentation by James Nachtwey , recent recipient of the TED Prize. It’s an interesting and emotive piece and his style of photography is one of the reasons I wanted to become a photographer in the first place (I dare say for a bzillion of us out there!). And whilst it seems that he is on some level out of kilter – or dare I say fashion? – in some parts of the photo world, the images steadily continue to speak to me in a human, emotional way. And I understand it. No deconstruction required! Watch it HERE (sorry can’t figure out the bloody Google video thing???)

I rue the steady decline of good and simple journalism. It seems from another time and place. BUT despite this I see positives in where we are at with global mass communications. Like these blogs, e-zines and other cyber-forums where people can converge with their craft, and their stories and ideas. Sometimes though it’s hard to see the wood for the trees….Where indeed to begin??

Written by Lee Grant

May 7, 2007 at 9:56 pm