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The Cult of the E-zine and Photo-Mag

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I’ll admit it. I’ve always enjoyed junk mail (all those specials out there that you can spend money on in order to save money! What’s not to love!) I suppose in a way this cheap thrill extends itself to cybermail. I love all those obscure links that one can travel to just to take a peek. And I’m pleased to say that this plebeian habit has yielded some fantastic virtual finds. Such as this e-zine called Lunatic Magazine which is a publication by the independent agency Luna Photos. This is the first edition and what a find it is. I’m really quite impressed by the standard and concept. I know there are a number of such magazines floating around the web (other good reads/visual feasts include JPEG Magazine; DoubleTruck; The Digital Journalist; plus the infinite number of smaller international mags dedicated to promoting and showing emerging talent such as the Polish 5klatek , the Portuguese Cru-A , the French/English webphotomag, not to mention all the Flickr type dedicated e-mags that have sprung a la JPEG Magazine such as pict*re magazine. And so on and so forth….)

I’m astounded at the proliferation on the net of such publications but as many of the contributors and self-publishers point out, in an era of mass production , mass marketing and mass advertising – particularly int he West, it can be challenging and difficult at best, for up and coming photographers to find platforms where their work can be seen and in the context they were made. Interestingly as one cultural commentator points out about 5klatek‘s site, their publication was a result of the lack of publishers in Poland who were willing to showcase emerging artists’ works in Poland. Either way, it’s an interesting solution to a challenge that many photographers who wish to pursue their work, find themselves facing. Mmmm, maybe I should give it a go? Certainly in Australia we are faced with the same issues! Food for thought no?

Anyway, take a look at some of the zines and mags… well worth the tour. And as a parting gift goodnight, here are some bootylicious photographs for you (one by me and the other by the Chinese, NY based photographer Shen Wei whose work I think is great):


Latin Dancers, 2007


Jackie from the series Almost Naked by Shen Wei

Written by Lee Grant

July 31, 2007 at 10:06 pm

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  1. Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

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