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Oh My Gawd!!!!

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Well, finally after a year of rejections (and really, as any artist would know these are not good for one’s ego and can have the tendency to make one doubt their work – though not totally of course otherwise we’d simply give up and go back to our day jobs full-time…. yucky thought!). Anyway, as I was saying….. finally! I have been selected to show in this year’s Off the Wall Show at Art Sydney. I must say I’m quite amazed – when I spoke to their rep I thought I’d simply been short-listed for display on their website and figured this was pretty cool, but then she pointed out that I had been selected as one of 20 from over 300 applicants so then I thought….. Ohmygawd!!! Yay for bloody me! Anyway, needless to say its the boost and affirmation that I need and I am rather chuffed. So I have two months to submit six of my images. I know a few already that I’ll definitely show but am thinking that this could be an opportunity to do some new stuff. Not that this has been lacking but perhaps I could be more focused about the process??

I’m looking very forward to the advice and other pointers not to mention the exposure. Plus a little adventure to the big smoke…. god I love Sydney!

Anyway, had to share my bloody brilliant news with all those people who read this blog (well, the few of you who actually might…. other than my sisters!).

Life is funny, so full of highs and lows…. though as I keep pointing out to my mate Frank, in the words of the Swamp Thing “the only way out is through my friends”! You never do know what’s around the corner do you?? So watch out world, I’m gonna make a splash like a banana bomb! ­čśë


And just cos, here’s two little parting treats (from my jaunt last weekend to the Canberrang swing dancing fest):

The Mistresses (from the Lindy Charm School for Girls)


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August 16, 2007 at 9:00 pm