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The kids and I have allowed ourselves a pyjama day today and the weather has been perfect for it (overcast and miserable). So whilst the kids are being entertained by Will Ferell, I’m scanning, printing, archiving and generally trying to catch up on everything before the year really kicks in! Eek!

Throughout all this I’m realising that I have a veritable photographic collection…. of people mostly but also places. I noticed this quite obviously on my Flickr site, where I have arranged most of the sets of images according to groups, activities, customs and rituals. Seems that I can’t quite shake that anthropological bent but let’s face it, people and what they do is hell interesting!

Ancient Arts Fellowship member

Last week I made a quick trip to Sydney with Martyn and fellow photographer Cindy to visit the AGNSW for the August Sander show as well as catch some more contemporary fare at the ACP. It all made for good viewing and Martyn’s lecture The Face of Australia at the AGNSW exploring/debunking the ‘archetypal Australian face’ raised some interesting (potentially subversive) ideas about physiognomy and type in portraiture.

Which leads me to the new year’s round of portrait prizes – first off the ranks being the Moran Portrait Prize (man, it feels like groundhog day and I know I’m penny-pinching already in the anticipation of disappointment!). I’m thinking of submitting the following image…. we’ll see:

Caolan and Alex – Waiting.
Whaadya reckon?

Written by Lee Grant

January 20, 2008 at 6:28 pm

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