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Returning to real-life after 10 days of heavenly retreat at our beloved Bristol Point hasn’t been all bad. I’ve started a new job as an art handler at the Australian National Gallery which admittedly has been great so far, particularly since I’ve been able to be so close  to the artwork. It really is special to see an original vintage print of Diane Arbus‘ or Cartier-Bresson or even more awe-inspiring, prints made by Picasso or Matisse!!

Also interesting are the artists that I don’t know about at all – particularly the non-photographers as I seem to only interest myself in things photographic! I’m certainly learning a lot – I’ve been told that my enthusiasm might wane after a while, but I honestly don’t think it will. I’m easily impressed I suppose (actually I’m not really but I have seen some lovely work these last few days).

Here are some images from my holiday for you to be spirited away into (I need the visuals to bliss out to…. my poor bloody car – ominously called Elvis – has died yet again! My Dad says I should buy a real car and not more cameras etc…. to which I am sure you can all imagine my response!)

Looking for stingrays 

Cave Beach 

As you can see my brain has yet to switch back on…. but it will in the next few days as Australia finally hears a long overdue apology to its indigenous people. It seems perhaps that we are living again in hopeful times………

Written by Lee Grant

February 11, 2008 at 8:36 pm

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