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And whilst I’m being very boring for a Saturday night (given that the kids are chez Grandma’s) and I’m blogging and surfing the net, basically procrastinating and NOT writing my damn thesis and really, NOT even socialising …. I thought I’d add this little tidbit for all you fellow artistes out there:

Mary, Mother-of-God knows this is scarily true sometimes! Working too hard at not one but two, pay-the-bills jobs has really quite taken its toll these last few weeks, especially since I haven’t really shot any film at all! Eek, withdrawal symptoms plus the miserable flu makes me feel all of the above!

Gis a few weeks….. and she’ll be right! I did take this image while in a state of delirium though…. which I actually quite fancy – being sick does seem to have its creative advantages!

From  The Sweet Melancholy of a Suburban Opus Series.

Written by Lee Grant

March 8, 2008 at 7:37 pm

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