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A song by Lior, some art politics and some photos by Amy…

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Here is a little treat to make you feel good. A song by the fabulous Australian singer, Lior featuring another fabulous Australian singer called Sia. I know it’s not about photography as such but music is something that I listen to a LOT and in many ways it helps inform and shape my work’s sensibility. If you get a chance to listen to Lior’s most recent album Corner of an Endless Road, be sure to listen the first track April Bloom which is simply…. near to God genius (might be a little slow to load but well worth the wait).

OK, so back to photography, I thought I’d include some work by yet another NY wunderkind called Amy Elkins whose series Wallflower makes quite an impact on the viewer. Portraits of young, beguiling men photographed against fantastic floral wallpaper to make even Florence Broadhurst proud! Quite a lovely series about the beauty of men, I’m sure that Germaine Greer would approve!







Amy has also included me on her wan.der.lust.ag.ra.phy blog. A nice little international meeting place for blog-trotting —ographers…. or as Amy herself puts it, a creative collective in the making. I’d really like to see more actual (rather than just virtual) artist collectives around – particularly more photo-focused ones. Not many of these in Australia that haven’t acquired a touch of competition and elitism (which possibly reflects our obssession with celebrity) or that self-congratulatory tone that seems more about what the artwork can sell for than perhaps what it might stand for (which ironically goes back to whether or not you’re famous enough!). Where have all those artist collectives of the 20s and 30s then 70s and 80s gone?? Am I being nostalgic for something my generation missed?? Or is it because I’m stuck in Canberra…. or worse, out in suburbia!!? (Actually I have to retract that last bit since I secretly love the burbs and that is after all, where I make a lot of my work!) 😉

Mmm… reading back that could be misconstrued as a little zealous or bitter. I certainly don’t feel this way though I have found that the artist’s community can be a very closed one here – in my experience you can communicate to a point then it’s every artist for themselves. Is it because we are all so occupied and distracted or is it simple, fierce competition?! I suppose that the pond is small here and there are a hell of a lot of tadpoles all struggling for the same thing. Aah, I’m daring to dream of a creative Utopia where we can all live in creative harmony…..

And on that note this little Marxist is turning in for the night……..

Written by Lee Grant

March 17, 2008 at 7:46 pm

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