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Dusting off and Knuckling Down…….

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I’m officially on holidays – as a Mother anyway. Kids are off having adventures and I’m facing a looming (actually 2 month overdue) deadline for the first chapter of my thesis. I’ve bravely attempted to face the music this very afternoon, and even progressed somewhat, only to realise that it’s BIG and I’m…. well, I’m umh….lazy. Well to be fair, I did manage to turn some piddly notes into a structured and rather coherent argument (at least until I re-read it tomorrow!). At least I can look forward to completely unstructured 2 weeks which means lots of photos, writing, catching up with mates, movies etc…. Well, that’s the idea anyway.

Here though, is the kind of thing that sidetracks me – oh so easily – from knuckling down to the words. It’s an online magazine that you can make yourself through Issuu. For some reason you can’t embed the magazine into WordPress Blogs? Very annoying but here is the link anyway. Bit of a work in progress……

And lastly a photograph of my little sista and her number one boy (ain’t mummy-love grand?):

Written by Lee Grant

April 16, 2008 at 8:04 am

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