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Sometimes things happen for a reason…. or so we’re told. I like to think that this is true and that the reason is usually a good one. But what if it isn’t? It seems to me (in my present state of mind) that life can throw some fabulously awful googlies. Please note that I’m NOT a glass-half-empty type of gal. In fact, those who know me well would argue quite the opposite. However the scraps of news that I’ve been catching (no mean feat since we are that strange breed of TV-less families) and things that are unfurling in my peripheral view, seem mostly….. sad.

Maybe I’m really seeing this finally and I don’t mean the sadness that’s related to anger or loss or chaos (I’ll leave that to those heroic photojournalists with the Jesus complexes). Rather, it’s that sadness we all carry in our guts, I think perhaps the one we’re born with but haven’t quite figured what to do with. It’s actually quite beautiful when you start to really see it. And oddly, it’s everywhere I look. I’ve been trying to photograph it, to find it in places that are so bleedingly everyday and dull, that at first glance it isn’t sadness as such, but a boring and ambivalent stillness. For me, the ambivalence is the heart of it. Some (enlightened?) ones might think it pathetic…. how humans simply endeavour through life surrounded by their crap with only the odd epiphany if we’re lucky or thoughtful enough. But the loveliness of the effort is still there, and for me it’s this effort that’s sad, because in the end, we’re all going to die.

It’s hard to explain in words. Maybe these make more sense?

Written by Lee Grant

May 20, 2008 at 9:23 pm

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