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Just got back from my Melbourne jaunt where I took virtually no photographs (well OK, I did make time to photograph the Tin Wong Palace for my Oriental Dinner series), and I must say it was nice to take a break from all things photography related, since the last few weeks have been chockas with the official opening of the inaugural Vivid National Photography Festival. Lots of openings along with a very full 3-day conference at the ANU was enough to exhaust even the most stamina filled photography enthusiasts.

But it was a great start to the event. I think perhaps though I will have to be selective about the shows that I go to between now and October as there are a lot and frankly too little time to see them all. It’s excellent to see the love there is out there for this medium despite some of the difficulties photography seems to be facing at the minute (eg. censorship and associated wowsers and that boring old debate of whether or not it even constitutes art etc…). The following Stateline video clip gives you a bit of an idea of what’s happening over the next few months (and yes, after a bit of self-cringe I’m sharing with you anyway…… Martyn is great as usual, love the ASIO comment!)

A tropical touch, MK’s (from the Oriental Dinner series featured in the exhibition Suburban Zeitgeist)

Am also keen to check out the Head On exhibition at M16 Artspace in Fyshwick. I was shortlised for my image The day Meg wore a dress (posted before on this blog) which has ended up in a slide show alongside a few other photographers I know and a few whose work I admire, so its nice to think I’m keeping good company in this regard!

One thing I have realised – though this could be hindsight speaking because it didn’t feel like this at the time – is that I’d like to keep curating photography exhibitions (full-on but very satisfying!). Already cooking up a few ideas for a couple of group shows, hopefully with very clever, fellow photographer and co-curator U.K Frederick, so keep your eyes open!

Dinosaur Clash by U.K Frederick (from The Dragon, the Smurf and the Wardrobe series featured in the exhibition Suburban Zeitgeist)

Written by Lee Grant

July 21, 2008 at 9:17 pm

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