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The Long Hot Summer

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A reminder at the end of a hot and humid day!

Light Journeys is calling all women to submit to a curated group exhibition on the theme of Summer, to be featured on the website in 2010. Deadline for submissions is March 1st 2010.

The equinox has passed, the axis has tilted and the sun is above us once again.

The summer cycle, with its atmosphere and festivities and its warmth and glare, is etched into the Australian psyche as well as our photographic histories. Whether in Max Dupain’s sunbather or the bodysurfer on the cover of a ‘Day in the Life of Australia’, summer is an icon that is deeply revered. But what else can this particular time and space evoke that moves beyond images of surf, sand and blokes with their beer? How can we as artists re-imagine the nuances of this season? And what about the photographic experience – deep shadows and the vividness of our stone hard light – how does the searing quality of our sun influence our vision?

All women working in photography in Australia, including prior featured artists, are invited to submit 2-3 images exploring the theme. Images should be resized as follows:

72dpi, 1000 pixels wide, sRGB profiled. Please re-title your images to surname_firstname_number.jpg and send to submit@lightjourneys.net.au

Now pick up your cameras and start shooting. Another long hot Summer is coming to an end….

australia1from the series Where the Heart Is

Written by Lee Grant

February 28, 2010 at 6:40 pm

And away we go…..

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Blimey, can’t quite believe it’s already a new year, was only just getting a grip on last year’s and around swings this new one….. but a new and shiny and good one methinks. I feel it in my bones!

So I’ve sort of let this blog go a bit… partially cos I’ve been too busy but also (I’ll admit it) I’m a little blogged out. I mean there are a zillion of these things out there (trust me I’ve checked out a LOT of them – sad but true) and not all of them are that exciting. Also, my new decade resolution is to spend less time online and more time in the world – that’s not to say that I’m giving up completely! I am after all a web-junkie and I am rather partial to a rollicking cyber-surf.

Speaking of surfing (and the real world!), I’ve just come back from my annual 2 week camping pilgrimage to Bristol Point, truly one of the Gods’ greater creations…. I return renewed, smug with the feeling that we are so lucky to have such a place so close, but also slightly overwhelmed by how crazy modern life can actually be (this is called culture shock). I didn’t even take that many photos this year (much to my camping mob’s dismay), but it was nice actually to take a bit of a rest. Of course I didn’t NOT take any pictures as you can see below…. just a few of ye olde B&W pics. Will be doing more of these…. I miss it.



Anyway, it’s gonna be another busy year. My biggest news is that I’m just about done with my dissertation having worked like a demon over the Xmas break to submit it. There may yet be some corrections (really bloody hoping not!), but the weight off is almost life altering (talk about a damn albatross!). Still have to write an exegesis. What the hell is this you ask!? For those of you who wonder, it’s simply a studio report aka a justification of my art practice with theoretical underpinnings and how I went about creating the body of work I created for the Masters… Blah, blah, blah. But actually not a bad exercise for any artist to do. Painful but you do come out with a strong sense of your own work, something I think a lot of photographers/artists lack unfortunately (along with either too much or not enough confidence!). So there you have it… 2010 off with a bang. Back to work tomorrow…. Have baked a yummy banana loaf for morning tea to ease the pain. Hmmmm…..

Written by Lee Grant

February 1, 2010 at 10:00 pm