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Web-forums and collectives: helping each other to help ourselves

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Well, I think the journey is well and truly underway with PhotoForum NZ posting an article about Light Journeys. Thanks to Abby Storey for the write-up and for the support from everyone so far. We are still in the process of designing the site and are looking to launch it late March/early April. So keep those submissions rolling in ladies!

On another note, the kids and I have been crook these last few days (don’t worry, I’ll spare you the details!), which has meant a lot of sleep but also a bit more web-surfing than usual. It was good to check out sites that I haven’t had a chance to for a while and also to discover some new ones.

What was most interesting – I think I’m noticing more since starting out the new venture with Light Journeys – was seeing how other photographers around the place (OK, mostly the States) are pooling their resources and talents to promote their work in a collaborative but mutually supportive setting. The Exposure Project is one such website that I was pleased to find along with the We Can’t Paint Network and it’s affiliate magazine Wassenaar, Pause to Begin and Ahorn Magazine.

Check them out. The lesson I take from these initiatives, is that there’s strength in numbers. C’mon fellow Antipodeans, shouldn’t we just ditch the stupid tall poppy syndrome and just help each other out? I could only find one local example of a similar collective and that’s the Melbourne based, the f2.8 group. My only issue with the latter is the fee requested for membership and whilst I get it (it takes time and money to put these sites together), my preference is to see a voluntary contribution button rather than having your visitors feel excluded because of a fee imposed membership requirement. It smacks a little of the fee-based photo-comps that are all around…. Outrageous! How the hell does an artist NOT have to pay their way to be noticed? But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Do let me know of other Australian (even New Zealand) based, grass-roots collectives that support emerging photographers, that you might know about…. Unfortunately my web-surfing time allocation is much reduced these days…. unless of course I’m sick!

Anyways…. here are a few Holga snaps from my ongoing series about Australia, “Where the Heart is”:


Bronte, Stony Creek


Bloody Possum! Bristol Point


Skippy the Roo, Bristol Point