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And away we go…..

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Blimey, can’t quite believe it’s already a new year, was only just getting a grip on last year’s and around swings this new one….. but a new and shiny and good one methinks. I feel it in my bones!

So I’ve sort of let this blog go a bit… partially cos I’ve been too busy but also (I’ll admit it) I’m a little blogged out. I mean there are a zillion of these things out there (trust me I’ve checked out a LOT of them – sad but true) and not all of them are that exciting. Also, my new decade resolution is to spend less time online and more time in the world – that’s not to say that I’m giving up completely! I am after all a web-junkie and I am rather partial to a rollicking cyber-surf.

Speaking of surfing (and the real world!), I’ve just come back from my annual 2 week camping pilgrimage to Bristol Point, truly one of the Gods’ greater creations…. I return renewed, smug with the feeling that we are so lucky to have such a place so close, but also slightly overwhelmed by how crazy modern life can actually be (this is called culture shock). I didn’t even take that many photos this year (much to my camping mob’s dismay), but it was nice actually to take a bit of a rest. Of course I didn’t NOT take any pictures as you can see below…. just a few of ye olde B&W pics. Will be doing more of these…. I miss it.



Anyway, it’s gonna be another busy year. My biggest news is that I’m just about done with my dissertation having worked like a demon over the Xmas break to submit it. There may yet be some corrections (really bloody hoping not!), but the weight off is almost life altering (talk about a damn albatross!). Still have to write an exegesis. What the hell is this you ask!? For those of you who wonder, it’s simply a studio report aka a justification of my art practice with theoretical underpinnings and how I went about creating the body of work I created for the Masters… Blah, blah, blah. But actually not a bad exercise for any artist to do. Painful but you do come out with a strong sense of your own work, something I think a lot of photographers/artists lack unfortunately (along with either too much or not enough confidence!). So there you have it… 2010 off with a bang. Back to work tomorrow…. Have baked a yummy banana loaf for morning tea to ease the pain. Hmmmm…..

Written by Lee Grant

February 1, 2010 at 10:00 pm

New Year… New Goals and some Light Journeys

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Well, first post for 2009 and I can report that it’s HOT! The weather that is… but also for projects planned this year.

It’s my final year at uni and I’ve already warned family and friends that it’s gonna be hell (though preferably in a baby-blue Karmann-Ghia rather than the proverbial handbasket!). Lots of writing and shooting still… I’m getting worried that I could just end up doing a W.Eugene Smith with his Pittsburg project…. Belco is too interesting to stop and I admit I have difficulties knowing when a project is done. My instinct – along with advice from others – is that I’m not there yet. I guess I’ll know when I get there? It’s all about the editing…. a photographer’s toughest challenge it seems…

On another note, my co-conspirator U.K Frederick and I have also put out a call to Australian women photographers to submit to a new initiative we have set up called Light Journeys. Our first submission date is March 8th (International Women’s Day) so if you are an Australian woman working in the field of photomedia please visit our temporary site for details by clicking on the banner below:


And spread the word, this project is about supporting each other, getting some of your work out there and promoting the amazing (often underrated) talent we have in Australia!

More exciting¬† news, I’ve been asked to exhibit some of my work in an upcoming group exhibition about family at the ACP in Sydney. This comes as a result of my recent portfolio review so definitely a worthwhile experience as you never know what opportunities can come out of being persistent. The show is scheduled for July and I’m currently going through images to see what might fit. The theme is an interesting one and it’s been a challenge to decide which way I want to interpret the idea of family, especially since Family is something I photograph a lot of, both in the term’s traditional sense but also in its various other social and cultural manifestations.

And finally, since every new year requires some sort of resolution, I resolve to be less frantic about my work and to enjoy every aspect of the process more (not that I already don’t but being more zen about it might help?). Since I’ve been out bush for the last 2 weeks – back to our favourite place in the world, Bristol Point – I am feeling refreshed and feel a little spring in my step…. now if only it would cool down a little…….

Below are a few still-lives that I have begun working on with fellow photographer Carolyn Young. We shot them large format and they make a refreshing change to portraiture. Interestingly the genre of still-life is a loaded one (more than I initially realised) but it’s an interesting one to explore nevertheless and I dare say we’ll continue with the project throughout the year.


Still Life II (in collaboration with Carolyn Young)


Still Life IV (in collaboration with Carolyn Young)