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Goodness, so much going on that I’ve been neglecting the blog for a while. I’ve been thinking about whether or not to continue writing this once the Masters has finished (which it will be early next year finally!)… Maybe I will continue it in a different way…. Cross that bridge when I get to it no doubt.

Anyway, in the meantime some updates:

– Didn’t make the Top 50 in Critical Mass 09 but am pretty happy nevertheless with being a finalist. Got some really interesting feedback too so am thinking more about this now and where and how I want to push my work.

– Did make it into the National Photographic Portrait Prize (NPPP) for 2010 though (finally!), so am feeling that the efforts are of course worthwhile (I don’t care who you are but knockbacks can be disappointing).

– Have had some very interesting Skype conversations with Charles Freger of POC in France this last week. He has given me some excellent feedback about my work and style in general and it’s been interesting to hear him talk about ‘attitude’ in the process of making photographs. That in my case, I need to define my own attitude and further develop consistency in my visual language. I’m thinking that as a result I am going to STOP looking at other people’s work for a while because everything you do can be a trace of someone’s else’s trace. To be a truly original voice is no easy task but I think being true to yourself might be a step in the right direction (as corny as it sounds)… ie. make pictures for yourself and no-one else.

– And lastly, I’ve almost done with the dissertation. Two weeks off to focus was great (despite being terribly distracted!) and I realised that balancing one’s art-practice with work and family and all the other pressures that go with modern life, really isn’t easy. Persistence however is the key. And I still have to write the exegesis (aka studio report)! I am so looking forward to actually graduating! Let’s hope I manage this one…..

Charles Freger (from the series Empire)

Written by Lee Grant

November 25, 2009 at 8:23 am