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And away we go…..

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Blimey, can’t quite believe it’s already a new year, was only just getting a grip on last year’s and around swings this new one….. but a new and shiny and good one methinks. I feel it in my bones!

So I’ve sort of let this blog go a bit… partially cos I’ve been too busy but also (I’ll admit it) I’m a little blogged out. I mean there are a zillion of these things out there (trust me I’ve checked out a LOT of them – sad but true) and not all of them are that exciting. Also, my new decade resolution is to spend less time online and more time in the world – that’s not to say that I’m giving up completely! I am after all a web-junkie and I am rather partial to a rollicking cyber-surf.

Speaking of surfing (and the real world!), I’ve just come back from my annual 2 week camping pilgrimage to Bristol Point, truly one of the Gods’ greater creations…. I return renewed, smug with the feeling that we are so lucky to have such a place so close, but also slightly overwhelmed by how crazy modern life can actually be (this is called culture shock). I didn’t even take that many photos this year (much to my camping mob’s dismay), but it was nice actually to take a bit of a rest. Of course I didn’t NOT take any pictures as you can see below…. just a few of ye olde B&W pics. Will be doing more of these…. I miss it.



Anyway, it’s gonna be another busy year. My biggest news is that I’m just about done with my dissertation having worked like a demon over the Xmas break to submit it. There may yet be some corrections (really bloody hoping not!), but the weight off is almost life altering (talk about a damn albatross!). Still have to write an exegesis. What the hell is this you ask!? For those of you who wonder, it’s simply a studio report aka a justification of my art practice with theoretical underpinnings and how I went about creating the body of work I created for the Masters… Blah, blah, blah. But actually not a bad exercise for any artist to do. Painful but you do come out with a strong sense of your own work, something I think a lot of photographers/artists lack unfortunately (along with either too much or not enough confidence!). So there you have it… 2010 off with a bang. Back to work tomorrow…. Have baked a yummy banana loaf for morning tea to ease the pain. Hmmmm…..

Written by Lee Grant

February 1, 2010 at 10:00 pm