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CM09 Artist Watch

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OK, so the quiet on this front is not because I have ceased writing this blog but because I get nearer to D-Day everyday and I still have the proverbial shitload of work to do…. but I couldn’t resist posting¬† my pick of the Critical Mass 09 entrants – all 575 of them whose entries (including yours truly) arrived neatly packaged on a CD all the way from the USandA. Don’t worry I definitely won’t be posting all 575! Just 15 of my faves… and yes, I went through all 575 of them!! And despite the overall caliber being pretty good (some of it a little repetitive and honestly, some of it pretty bad) my favourites belonged to the following photographers and really appealed to my aesthetic sensibilities….

One interesting observation is the number of works that explore ideas of belonging and connection to place (similar themes to my work in Belco). Maybe this is a reflection of my Generation (X) and the fact that we are all nearing the big 40….? Mortality inevitably looms and we start to think about how we fit in the big jigsaw that is our crazy, beautiful world…. and what better place to start than where we grew up? Odes to origins…. yeah….

Anyway, take a look for yourself:

Benine_S-02Shannon Benine

Hamon_D-05Deborah Hamon

Lueck_S-06Simone Lueck

Stebbins_C1-05Catharine Stebbins

Girner_S-06Sarah Girner

Hillen_S-07Sean Hillen

Malakoff_S-10Sarah Malakoff

Feldsztein_V-01Vanina Felsztein

Deiss_D-06Dorothee Deiss

Button_E-10Ernie Button

Pike_A-08Alexis Pike

Sims_C-05Christopher Sims

Bush_R-03Ryan Bush

Ingram_J-03Jessica Ingram

And other than fellow photographer and e-buddy Rebecca Dagnall, I think I was the only Aussie! The submissions were mostly from Americans but it was peppered with some interesting work from Canada, Europe and South America. It’ll be interesting to see who makes the final Top 50….