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Big Ambitions

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So, I’ve bit the bullet and invested in a new camera…. And boy do I love it… I think almost more than my Hassleblad! So what the hell is it you ask? Well, here is a picture:

Shen-Hao 4×5 Field Camera

A Shen-Hao field camera. To be honest I’d never heard of it until I saw it for sale on Ebay. I researched (god I love the net!) and found that there wasn’t a single bad review for this camera and the fact that it was pretty much a knock-off of the camera I really wanted (Ebony 45S) which I cannot afford due to it’s cool pricetag of AUD$5000, well…. this one seemed like a good alternative. And after running a few Fuijoroids through it to test everything out (RIP Polaroid, I had to use Fuji’s Instant 100 F), I’m completely excited and rearing to go large format. Everyone thinks I’m mad, but those of you who get it, know that I’m not at all…..

Anyway, here are my first shots taken with this contraption of genius!



And whilst I’m yet to work out how to work the camera like a genius (OK, so I forgot to close the shutter here, but it’s kind cool still, no?), I’m cooking up all manner of new ideas…. Part of the reason to use this camera, was to really slow down. Everything else in my life is harried and rushed and crazy… (modern life can really suck sometimes). Photography is one of the things in my life – other than my kids – that makes me feel right, so I figured, why not slow this down… at least then something in my life will be slow and quiet and more contemplative… cos the kids sure as hell aren’t! ­čśë And in a world that’s filled with instant everything, maybe going backwards and reclaiming the analogue is a worthy excercise in itself? So stay tuned folks for Lee’s large format adventures….