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Love is 4 ever

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My friend and fellow artist Ursula are planning to co-curate another show for next year, at the Foyer Gallery of the Canberra School of Art. The theme this time is lurrve. We are calling it Love is 4 ever: what’s love got to do with it? Here is a work-in-progress poster (these are cool fun to design!).


It’ll be good to curate without the restrictions we had for Suburban Zeitgeist. This time, we’ll be selecting the artists and it’ll be smaller. I’m looking very forward to it…. should keep me busy with everything else I have going! And now that I only have about a year to go, I guess I’ll be re-writing my sub-thesis as well somewhere in there (urgh…). My supervisor has very gently reminded me of a looming deadline which I really thought might go away but it hasn’t, and between the guilt (which remains like the proverbial albatross around my neck…. really you’d think I was Jewish or a Catholic with all that guilt!!), I figure I might as well bite the bullet and write the effing thing!

So no more procrastinating! But for anyone reading this, a parting treat before I hit the books – it’s Spring! Lots of very cute and fluffy baby animals…plus it’s all about love! Awh…..

untitled-1Lily la pooch