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Every dog has its day…. and sometimes even, night.

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Well, no surprise about the outcome of Henson’s work and I was glad to hear that the law prevailed appropriately (for a change, cos it has been known to be ridiculous in recent times). I know one thing for sure, Henson is now a household name in Australia and despite what emotions he may conjure up in people, the whole incident will make punters curious enough to want to either see the work or stay the hell away. I’ll certainly try to get up to Sydney to see the show which I understand is by appointment only now. It all adds a deliciously underground edge to it! Something I’m sure Hetty Johnston didn’t want. Perhaps she’ll choose more relevant cases to sling mud at in future.

Anyway, the suburbs have been keeping me plenty occupied. Whoever believes they are places of inane existence are sorely mistaken. And it seems that I’m not the only one who thinks they are wonderfully brilliant in their dullness. Murdoch University (yes, actually named after its principal benefactor, Rupert) has been researching how suburbia “could actually be hotbeds of creative activity”.

Well duh. But at least the academics are beginning to figure it out which might help to legitimise one’s interest in the seemingly boring (I can assure you that this makes a big difference when applying for funding!). I am however acutely aware of the grand tradition in which I work. Bill Owens, I bow down to you.

And speaking of academic here is a flyer for an up-coming conference being held at the ANU in early July:

Should be interesting, Geoffrey Batchen will be the keynote speaker and it coincides with the openings of two shows that I have work in (including the one that I’m curating – very interesting experience to say the least!). Naturally I’ll be crashing the event. The rest of you can register here. ­čśë