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Light Journeys presents Frances Mocnik

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Light Journeys is proud to present Sydney based photographer Frances Mocnik as our featured artist for March:

from the series The Night that Follows Day

(courtesy Frances Mocnik)

Written by Lee Grant

March 1, 2010 at 6:02 pm


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Well, probably the first thing I should do is to apologise to any of you who may have taken a look at my ‘new’ website this last week. I’m afraid it’s been one of those things where everything that could possibly go wrong, kinda did…….. at least in terms of my website renovation. Seems my drop-down menu didn’t work in Internet Explorer (don’t ask me why cos I have no freaking idea and I checked it in about 3 other bloody browsers which were all good!). Anyway, I figure that most people still use PCs, so I quickly patched it up only to decide that to deal with it again in the near future would do my head in and I really couldn’t face such a bad idea……… What this means then, is that I’ve gone with a fancy pants website developer in San Fran called LiveBooks. Lucky for me they love students, are cheap and completely idiot-friendly.

So if you can be arsed, check it out…….. HERE.

Other than faffing about on the website and avoiding writing my dissertation, my suburban photo-life has been quite productive…. I goddamn love suburbia! At least my studio practice is coming along! ­čśë

from the series “Belco Pride”

Written by Lee Grant

August 22, 2008 at 10:02 pm