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Light Journeys presents Narelle Autio

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Light Journeys is proud to present Adelaide based photographer Narelle Autio as our featured artist for December:

from the series The Summer of Us

(courtesy Narelle Autio)

Written by Lee Grant

November 30, 2010 at 2:21 pm

Projections 2010

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Here is the official blurb on the Projections for 2010. (I won last year’s 2009 competition):

Be the first to spot Australia’s next top photographer at Projections 2010, proudly presented by ACMP in Association with Sony. In November, Sydney, Melbourne Canberra and now Brisbane will host screenings of the finalists of Projections 2010 – an annual competition that is rapidly becoming a major talent-spotting event for the next generation of top photographers.

Photographers with less than 3 years’ professional experience have submitted a series of works and are vying for one of five titles: Best Editorial Photographer; Best Commercial Photographer; Best Art Photographer; People’s Choice Award; and the grand prize, Best Overall Photographer, and the new Pool Grant worth $10K to a lucky emergent photographer.

Creative directors, art directors, photographers producers and lovers of a fabulous visual feast are invited to come and have a few drinks, dive into the work in full HD screenings and meet some fresh photographic talent.

Projections is now in its 7th year, jointly presented by the Australian Commercial and Media Photographers (ACMP) and Sony. Entries in Projections are in a unique format – photographers are asked to submit a thematic series of images, rather than individual shots.

To best display the finalists work , it is shown in a full cinematic experience complete with soundtrack at the Chauvel Cinema in Sydney on November 16 and at the Astor in Melbourne on Tuesday 9th November. Canberra will host a screening at M16 Art Spaces’s new premises in Griffith on Thursday 18th November.

The photographers are competing in five categories – Best Commercial Photographer; Best Art Photographer; Best Editorial Photographer; People’s Choice Award; and the grand prize, Best Overall Photographer. As well as the new components, Sony’s make.believe competition and The Pool Grant, created by Sean Izzard and Simon Harsent.

In its first few years of existence, Projections has produced an alumni of photographers who are gaining traction in the industry, both within Australia and around the world.

Tickets for the screenings in both cities are available from www.acmp.com.au/events – and at only $30 a pop for non members and $25 for ACMP members, including drinks and nibbles, you can afford to take the plunge and dive into Projections 2010.

For more information contact Sacha Walters on 0418 264 755 or admin@acmp.com.au or visit www.theprojections.com

Written by Lee Grant

November 5, 2010 at 8:00 am

Light Journeys presents Katrin Koenning

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Light Journeys is proud to present Melbourne based photographer Katrin Koenning as our featured artist for October:

from the series Thirteen: Twenty Lacuna

(courtesy Katrin Koenning)

Written by Lee Grant

September 30, 2010 at 9:30 am

Light Journeys presents a group show: The Long Hot Summer

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Light Journeys is proud to present a group show The Long Hot Summer for our September feature:


(courtesy of Jessica Tremp)

Light Journeys presents Angela Tarlinton

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Light Journeys is proud to present Sydney based photographer Angela Tarlinton as our featured artist for July:

from the series Adolescents

(courtesy Angela Tarlinton)

Written by Lee Grant

June 29, 2010 at 7:58 pm

One door closes… at last!

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If you’re in the neighbourhood, come check it out folks! If not, I’ve posted a selection of 30 images from the Belco Pride series on my website.

Written by Lee Grant

June 17, 2010 at 6:48 pm

And so, what else is happening?

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Well, it certainly has been a while since I bothered posting about my ruminations on photography…. but you know, life gets busy and I figure there’s no point feeling like a slave to technology, particularly if there’s nothing much to be said. Not that this has been the case overall, and certainly the proverbial shitload has been going on, but you know…. I got a bit lazy and like I said, a lot’s been happening.

So what have I missed blogging about worth mentioning? Let’s see…. FotoFreo where I went to finally meet many e-buddies such as Andy Adams (Flak Photo), Mark McPherson (Big City Press), Rebecca Dagnall and Stacy Merfhar (both fab photographers), and where I also got to hang out with Amy Stein, Carry Levy, Jon Levy (no relation to Carry though, Jon runs Foto 8 in London), Brad Rimmer, Graham Miller (whose work I’ve posted about before and you couldn’t meet a nicer person), Sohrab Hura, Narelle Autio and many others. I also had the good fortune to be selected to participate in a Magnum workshop with Trent Parke, plus see a load of photo-shows and talks. In a word…. awesome experiences with a bunch of very interesting and lovely people. I could rattle on about how much fun I had but that would be boring. Suffice to say that the photo-community seems to me at least, to be a fun one. At least no one glazes over when you bang on and on about photography! I highly recommend photo festivals and am looking forward to one day getting over to the big ones in the US and Europe.

The National Portrait prize, in which I have a work is now traveling. The opening at the NPG was kinda fun. My mum was very funny and harassed the NPG photographer to track me down in order to photograph me in front of my work. Mums… what can I say!? 😉 My work hung next to Ingvar Kenne‘s portrait of Alexis Wright, which was nice, as we are fans of each other’s work. Ingvar was last year’s winner, a judge in the Sony comp I won last year and another super nice bloke. He also features in Hijacked 2 (see below).

But most importantly (big drumroll please), I finally submitted my thesis. Yay for me! Only took me 5 years and I’ve actually still got one week to go as my assessment is next Wednesday morning with the exhibition opening in the evening. So if you happen to be in Canberra and near the ANU School of Art, please do come along.

Let me tell you, I’m very glad I’m about finished. Definitely looking forward to making some new work and am hatching a few deadlines to keep me going (one of the good things about studying is the deadlines – forces you to reach goals!)

And, I also got back from a weekend in fabulous Sydney where I visited for the launch of the Hijacked 2 book and exhibition. The book, I must say looks fantastic, and Mark, Ute and Markus  – as well as all their creative team – have done a fabulous job putting it together. I’m rather proud to be a part of it, I must say.

If you’re in Sydney come and check it out, otherwise it will be travelling to Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. Oh and go buy the book, arriving on shore late this month.

I also bought Derek Henderson‘s monograph Mercy Mercer. Absolutely stunning book and I highly recommend this incredible photographer. Derek shoots 8×10″ large format in a style reminiscent of Alec Soth‘s but there’s something unique about Derek’s work. It’s imbued with a lyricism and rawness belonging to another world, (actually New Zealand). One of my favourite purchases this year.

Anyway, going forward, I’m not sure what’s going to happen with this blog. It’s actually now archived with the National Library of Australia and in perpetuity even – which is kind of nice – so even if I do hang it up, any of you interested readers out there can still access old stuff via the NLA Pandora archive. I won’t ride off into the sunset just yet, but will take my time coming back into the blogosphere. Will keep you posted no doubt…. that’s if any of you are even still there!?

Written by Lee Grant

June 15, 2010 at 8:18 pm

Light Journeys presents Marzena Wasikowska

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Light Journeys is proud to present Canberra based photographer Marzena Wasikowska as our featured artist for June:

from the series Journey Reluctantly Taken. Part 2.

(courtesy Marzena Wasikowska)

Written by Lee Grant

May 30, 2010 at 8:21 pm

Light Journeys presents Claire Martin

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Light Journeys is proud to present Perth based photographer Claire Martin as our featured artist for May:

from the series Slab City

(courtesy Claire Martin)

Written by Lee Grant

April 29, 2010 at 11:09 pm

Happy 1st Birthday Light Journeys!

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Light Journeys has just turned 1!!! Yay! We wish to thank all those photographers who have submitted work and spread the word about the site. It’s been a thrilling year and we’ve had the pleasure and honour of featuring some of Australia’s most talented female artists.

After one year of  focusing only on Australian women, we have decided to open our submissions up to ALL women residing in Australia, regardless of their country of origin. Light Journeys will continue to accept submissions from Australian women living abroad. As Peter Allen said,  if you call Australia home, you are welcome to submit.


Written by Lee Grant

April 18, 2010 at 6:14 pm