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Family Ties

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Bite! Magazine is currently working on a brand new multimedia project. They would like to include as many quotes, from you, as possible on the one theme, familiar to all of us: Family.

Share your thoughts at http://www.bitemagazine.net/family-is/

Deadline is Monday night and the multimedia project will be featured on iTunes by the end of November.

Anonymous family photograph

Written by Lee Grant

October 31, 2010 at 8:00 pm

Brothers and Sisters: the Unbearable Lightness of Siblinghood

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Siblings are strange things. Most of us have them or are one to someone. The uncanny – and perhaps slightly freaky – thing about siblings is the codified behaviours, the funny habits and the more obvious physical likenesses (all of which by my observation aren’t necessarily confined to those who are biologically related.)

There are a bzillion studies out there that investigate the idea of ‘sibling culture‘, both within the contexts of kinship and society. Some are interesting, others use boring, made-up words that are simply too taxing for the brains of someone who isn’t Einstein. So whilst the science of siblings is being advanced by those who seek to know, I’m finding that photographing them in the context of art and perhaps even anthropology, is far more interesting and in many instances, very telling.

What do you think?

Katya and Mikayla

Meg and Lizzie

Liam and Rory

Kim and Louise

Charlie and Pia

The depiction of siblings in art has a long and ancient history. One only has to take a stroll through any Art institution to find examples of the complex yet rich relationships between brothers and sisters. Whilst not quite as fond a theme as the depiction of Mother/Madonna and Child, it’s getting seriously close.

To my eyes at least, it makes for interesting observations of sibling behaviour. Now, if only I can get my kids to stop chasing, punching and yelling at each other, perhaps they might stand still long enough for a photo….. in the same shot do you think?? Mmmm…. nevermind, it’s a trick question.

NB. Check out this TIME photo essay about “famous siblings and their sometimes fractious, sometimes harmonious relationships.” Interesting…. ah, la famiglia!

Written by Lee Grant

April 9, 2008 at 9:22 pm